Weekly Photo Challenge-Water


In December of last year (2010) and then in January 2011 here in Queensland, Australia, we suffered devastating floods,
sadly resulting in the loss of many lives, homes, pets and wildlife.
We had our fair share of WATER and I hope it never happens again.

My friend's home during the floods

Stranded Cattle during the floods

Water to the rooftops - whole town was evacuated

My story about the floods

Sequel to Moving House


The move went very smoothly and it didn’t rain!  The removal guys were great – until they put a dent in our fridge and gouged a hole in the wall when bringing the fridge in the house.  Not happy about that,  just one of those things I guess; other than that they were good guys, very helpful.

We have such a lot of furniture and it made me realize just how much when I saw it all packed up in the wagon – do we own all that stuff? Gotta get rid of some!  When we are settled, we must have a garage sale.

We’ve been madly unpacking since we moved in just over a week ago now, and the place is starting to take shape with all our “stuff” round us. Think we’ve been trying to get it all done too quickly, as we have both been feeling physically sick with exhaustion and aching limbs.  Seriously – my hubby cut his finger quite badly due to lack of concentration when he was opening one of the boxes with a knife; he is usually so careful.  He slept for 4 hours the other afternoon because his body just wouldn’t work!

"Is this our new home?'"

Our dog Poppy has been quite confused with the goings-on, but now, after a week, she seems more settled than we are! As long as she has her mom and dad and some of her favorite toys, she’s happy!

I’m sure she would be content in a tent as long as we were with her; sometimes I wish our lives were that simple!

Blank Canvas

We have a fairly large yard, which at the moment, is devoid of all plants – only grass, and although it means a lot of work, I’m glad, because I have a blank canvas to work on – I can start from scratch and have it exactly the way I want it.

A veggie patch is the first thing I want to get cracking on; love those home-grown veggies!

First Visitor - the Kookaburra

These guys are our first visitors – the laughing kookaburra, and I’m elated that they flew down to check us out.

. . . and then there were three!

As you know, one of the reasons I loved our other place so much was because of the abundance of wildlife and native birds and the colorful parrots, so being visited already by these guys has lifted my heart. The signs are good.

I haven’t walked along the beach yet so there might be more surprises in store for me – sea eagles perhaps, or even dolphins?  Will get down there asap and take more pics.

So looking back to the day we moved, Friday the 13th turned out fine – no catastrophes to relate to you, and things are settling down and getting back to some kind of normality in the Taylor household.

It’s good to be back online again, I was having withdrawals after a week without the internet!  Makes me wonder how we managed before it became so much a part of our lives.

Friday the 13th


We are moving to a new house this Friday – the 13th May (good job I’m not superstitious)!
Hopefully everything will run smoothly – in spite of the date.

I feel so sad about leaving here where we have been very happy.  It has always been our dream that once we retired, we would live on acreage, have some chickens, grow our own vegetables and fruit, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside and the prolific wildlife that abounds in our area.
However, hubby suffers with ill health and is often out of action;  he feels guilty leaving everything to me when he’s like that.  For the past few months, we have been finding it harder and harder to keep on top of the place, so we decided we had to find something smaller that we could manage.

This is what our place looks like at the moment – packing boxes everywhere!

Only three more days to live like this – it’s driving me mad!

I’m still struggling with the move but I know that once we are in the new place and have all our stuff round us, I will feel better about the move.  We are closer to the beach at the new place, so no excuse not to go walking; I don’t even have to get in the car – it’s within walking distance of our new place.

We are also closer to the shops than we were before, so it will be more convenient for us.  I probably won’t see as much wildlife as I did at the old place, but living near the beach will bring me different birds to photograph and I might even see some dolphins in the Bay!

So as from Thursday night this week, I won’t be around for about a week or so until we get the Internet on again at the new place, and will reply to your comments as soon as I’m re-connected.  I have two more days left before I dismantle my desk and computer.

Hoping for an uneventful move and praying for it not to rain!

Weekly Photo Challenge-Wildlife


These are our resident ducks here in Australia – there must be 50 of them altogether!

They raise their families, their babies grow and raise their families, etc.
I think the attraction may be that we have a huge dam (pond) and although we have a small dog, she doesn’t chase them,
so I suppose they feel secure here.
It’s very peaceful for them and they have everything they want – water to swim in, trees and
bushes to hide for security and trees to sleep in at night.
(They actually fly up into the trees to roost for the night – unless they have young babies who can’t yet fly.)

Mom & Pop Duck

Does anyone know what kind of ducks they are?  

I think they are just plain old Mallard Ducks, although I think the male of that species has a
green neck – ours have a plain brown neck.
The females have a speckled brown body.
Both male and female are white under their wings.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Wildlife


This week’s Photo Challenge is Wildlife – we got lots of that where I live!

Eastern Grey Kangaroos

These guys were grazing in the bush at the end of our street. They graze early morning and late afternoons, so that’s the best time to see them. During the heat of the day they stay in the shadows of the trees to keep cool and snooze!

Pink Galah

Galahs feeding off a bird table. They are also known as the Rose-breasted Cockatoo.
They are found all over Australia, are an intelligent and social bird that mate for life and are quite common as pets.



Well, as you can see, it worked!

I normally use Chrome and everything has worked perfectly up until a few days ago when I started having trouble inserting photos in my post.

On receiving suggestions from my blogging buddies, I tried using a different browser.
It still didn’t work with IE, then I tried Firefox – and here I am!
Thanks RD – your suggestion worked!  My dog Poppy and I are so happy, and thank you muchly!

Poppy says "Thanks" too!

I’m overwhelmed at the response I got to my cry for help – you are the best bunch of blogging buddies anyone could wish for! Thank you all so much for coming to my rescue.

Now I have some posting to catch up on!