Sequel to Moving House


The move went very smoothly and it didn’t rain!  The removal guys were great – until they put a dent in our fridge and gouged a hole in the wall when bringing the fridge in the house.  Not happy about that,  just one of those things I guess; other than that they were good guys, very helpful.

We have such a lot of furniture and it made me realize just how much when I saw it all packed up in the wagon – do we own all that stuff? Gotta get rid of some!  When we are settled, we must have a garage sale.

We’ve been madly unpacking since we moved in just over a week ago now, and the place is starting to take shape with all our “stuff” round us. Think we’ve been trying to get it all done too quickly, as we have both been feeling physically sick with exhaustion and aching limbs.  Seriously – my hubby cut his finger quite badly due to lack of concentration when he was opening one of the boxes with a knife; he is usually so careful.  He slept for 4 hours the other afternoon because his body just wouldn’t work!

"Is this our new home?'"

Our dog Poppy has been quite confused with the goings-on, but now, after a week, she seems more settled than we are! As long as she has her mom and dad and some of her favorite toys, she’s happy!

I’m sure she would be content in a tent as long as we were with her; sometimes I wish our lives were that simple!

Blank Canvas

We have a fairly large yard, which at the moment, is devoid of all plants – only grass, and although it means a lot of work, I’m glad, because I have a blank canvas to work on – I can start from scratch and have it exactly the way I want it.

A veggie patch is the first thing I want to get cracking on; love those home-grown veggies!

First Visitor - the Kookaburra

These guys are our first visitors – the laughing kookaburra, and I’m elated that they flew down to check us out.

. . . and then there were three!

As you know, one of the reasons I loved our other place so much was because of the abundance of wildlife and native birds and the colorful parrots, so being visited already by these guys has lifted my heart. The signs are good.

I haven’t walked along the beach yet so there might be more surprises in store for me – sea eagles perhaps, or even dolphins?  Will get down there asap and take more pics.

So looking back to the day we moved, Friday the 13th turned out fine – no catastrophes to relate to you, and things are settling down and getting back to some kind of normality in the Taylor household.

It’s good to be back online again, I was having withdrawals after a week without the internet!  Makes me wonder how we managed before it became so much a part of our lives.

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30 thoughts on “Sequel to Moving House

  1. Hi,
    There is nothing worse than moving with all the packing and then unpacking. But you have moved to a beautiful part of OZ, and I’m sure you’ll settle in fine. It’s amazing how dogs can adjust, as long as your with them life is wonderful, I agree it would be great if everything was that simple.


  2. I’m pleased to hear you are somewhat settled. Take time to relax and recover from the exhausting work of moving. You deserve a break so don’t go tackling the vegie garden too soon.

    Let me know when you are settled enough for visitors. Keep Poppy a scratch behind the ears for me, and a tummy rub too.

    PS I heard from Annie (South Africa) yesterday. She has had a spine operation and will be in a neck brace for another 8 weeks.



    • I gave Poppy a scratch behind the ears and a tummy rub, and told her it was from her Auntie Angela – she looked at be appreciatively!
      We took yesterday morning off to have a look around the area – found a nice park for Poppy so she is happy!
      It will take some adjustment to living here and to put the feelings I had for the other place behind me Angela, but I’ll get there. Already been visited by 3 kookaburras so that’s a good sign!


  3. Glad to hear that it all went well. I can so relate to the exhaustion. The first two days here I remember like in a daze. We had gotten rid of almost all furniture, so we didn’t have a bed. Slept on an inflatable mattress that didn’t hold the air the first two nights, before the new one arrived and that was heavenly!

    I’m so looking forward to see and read about your new surroundings there and I’m glad you have the Internet again.


    • Yeah, moving it certainly takes it’s toll on the body and mind Rebekah! We are getting a bit more sorted now and the house is taking shape.
      Will take some pics of the beach once I get down there!


    • Poppy seems to be taking it all in her stride now, and settled into the new house. She’s already started to consider it her territory and barks at everyone who passes!


  4. Congratulations on the move… I’m glad you are settling in nicely. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the beach, and other things you might find once you start looking around… Love those birds. :-)


    • Thanks Eliz – we took some time off this morning to explore the area and we found a nice park for Poppy to run around on – she was very impressed! It was good not to be opening boxes and putting stuff away!


    • Thanks Janet – you said the right word to make me feel better – “home”, because that’s what it is now – our home.
      In actual fact, we took today off to drive around the area with Poppy and discover what was around us. We found a nice park right next to the beach for Poppy to run around and explore, so she was very happy! It was very windy so we didn’t attempt going on the beach – not today anyway – and I’d left my camera a home anyway. Next time I will remember to take it.


    • Haha – the kookaburras were the best thing that could have happened to me in my state of mind – they certainly lifted my spirits!
      We explored the area this morning – it was nice not to be opening boxes!


    • Glad to be back Stacey – I missed you guys!
      This yard is small compared to our last place (we were on 2.5 acres)! As you can see there is not a single plant in it, so I have a blank canvas to work on and it’s kind of exciting thinking of what to do with it. I’m looking forward to the challenge.


    • We took this morning off, got in the car with Poppy in tow and drove around the area to see what was around us. Found a lovely park for Poppy so she was well pleased! Wanted to walk on the beach but it was really windy so will leave that for another day.


  5. Yay! Glad you’re back and that the kookaburras have already visited! That is a wonderful welcome to the neighborhood.

    Be it ever so humble . . . there’s no place like home.


  6. I’m so glad your move went well! And I LOVE your positive attitude, despite how exhausted you both are. I agree that Poppy (SO CUTE!!) would be happy anywhere as long as you’re both there with her.

    I’ve been yearning for a simpler lifestyle for a while now too. My dream is to live in a simple cottage by a stream where I can plant wildflowers and veggies. ::sigh::

    You have a wonderful yard and I’m looking forward to seeing it develop over time. I’ve never seen a Kookaburra bird before – they’re amazing! I’d love to hear their call, since the word “laughing” is attached to them. I agree that their visit is a good sign of wonderful things to come.

    Tell your hubby “slow and steady” is the ticket – no sense wearing himself out. (My father’s the same way.)

    Congratulations on your move!


    • Google ‘laughing kookaburra” and you will be able to listen to what they sound like – they are amazing!(But not when they start their cackling at 5 in the morning!) Just kidding – I love them anytime!
      I’ll try to remember to do a photo-log on the progress of my back yard so you can see it take shape with me. I’m looking forward to the challenge and the end result.
      Poppy has claimed the back yard already as her territory – when she is out, she chases the birds away (something she never did at our other place). I think she feels more confident because it’s a smaller area, surrounded by a fence!


  7. Jackie Paulson Author

    I love the yard! I am glad that is all over with. Yes moving is a pain. My ex use to do it and when the guys ruin something you file a claim with the movers and they cover what you take photo’s of that they ruined. (per your frig problem). Oh what the hay life happens when we are moving. I have moved three times in three years and now our apt complex is remodeling and gutting them. We were suppose to move by May 23rd but now it is July. When I moved I let go of some stuff. IT felt great. Garage sales are perfect for the new neighbors to get to know you :) Great idea. May be that should be next year you have been through enough. I am glad my (puppy) loves the new surroundings. Love Jackie


    • I’m so glad the move is over and done with and now we can get back to some kind of normality! We’re both exhausted from the move, it has taken it out of us – getting too old for this lark!


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