Weekly Photo Challenge-Entrance


The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “Entrance”.

This Rose Arbor is in a local park but it was winter at the time I took this photo, so it’s not in it’s full splendour!
Wait till summer comes and it will be covered in brilliant blooms!

Rose Arbor Entrance - minus the roses!

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33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Entrance

  1. I love this photo even without the roses! It just looks so peaceful and relaxing. It must be especially beautiful when the roses are in bloom. I guess I will need to wait for that one. Anyway, I’m enjoying your photos! :)


  2. nuggetsandpearls

    Great perspective in this photo Barb, I look forward to the Summer version. Please remind me again, what exactly is Summer….we don’t seem to get one in the UK!!


    • Thanks Marcia!
      I know what you mean with the UK weather – I was born and bred there – that’s one of the reasons I emigrated to Australia many moons ago.
      Having said that though, our summers in Oz are too hot and very humid – but our winters are perfect. Guess we can’t have it all!
      I will take another pic of that rose arbor when the roses are in full bloom!


    • Our winters are my favourite time of year – cold nights and warm days – just perfect!
      When our summer is in full swing, I promise to go back to the park and take a photo of the rose arbor in all it’s glory!


    • Our winters up here in the south east corner of Queensland are very mild; we never get frost, the lowest our temperature goes to at night in winter is about 5, and we still get warm days of about 22!C! Our winters are perfect – but not so our summers!


    • Thanks Joss – it’s one of the most beautiful parks I have ever walked through – lots of huge, shady trees, palms and flower beds; it’s a place to sit and linger!


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