Weekly Photo Challenge-Entrance

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “Entrance”.

This Rose Arbor is in a local park but it was winter at the time I took this photo, so it’s not in it’s full splendour!
Wait till summer comes and it will be covered in brilliant blooms!

Rose Arbor Entrance - minus the roses!

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33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Entrance

  1. I love this photo even without the roses! It just looks so peaceful and relaxing. It must be especially beautiful when the roses are in bloom. I guess I will need to wait for that one. Anyway, I’m enjoying your photos! :)

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  3. I love this! I close my eyes and can just imagine what it is like covered in blooms!
    PS whoever wore any of the shoes in the pictures you posted on your next post would certainly make a grand “entrance” LOL

    • Haha – the shoes are something else, aren’t they!
      Going to take another pic in summer when the arbor is covered in roses and will do a follow up post.

  4. Great perspective in this photo Barb, I look forward to the Summer version. Please remind me again, what exactly is Summer….we don’t seem to get one in the UK!!

    • Thanks Marcia!
      I know what you mean with the UK weather – I was born and bred there – that’s one of the reasons I emigrated to Australia many moons ago.
      Having said that though, our summers in Oz are too hot and very humid – but our winters are perfect. Guess we can’t have it all!
      I will take another pic of that rose arbor when the roses are in full bloom!

    • Our winters are my favourite time of year – cold nights and warm days – just perfect!
      When our summer is in full swing, I promise to go back to the park and take a photo of the rose arbor in all it’s glory!

  5. another photo due in the summer.

    It looks great now but I bet when it’s covered in roses it looks and smells stupendous

    • Our winters up here in the south east corner of Queensland are very mild; we never get frost, the lowest our temperature goes to at night in winter is about 5, and we still get warm days of about 22!C! Our winters are perfect – but not so our summers!

    • Thanks Joss – it’s one of the most beautiful parks I have ever walked through – lots of huge, shady trees, palms and flower beds; it’s a place to sit and linger!

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