Back from my UK Trip



We arrived home two days ago from our UK trip, both of us sick, so we have been in bed for most of the two days – catching up on sleep and trying to get better! I am feeling slightly more human today, and ready to share some of my trip with you.

Our trip turned out to be eventful right from the start, because
my husband got sick and was admitted to hospital the second day after we arrived.
We had numerous visits to doctors during the course of our stay, as he wasn’t improving, so we had to change some of our plans to visit family and friends in other parts of the UK.
However, it all worked out in the end, and we accomplished what we had set out to do as regards visiting, and in spite of the hub being so ill, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip, and have some wonderful and special memories of our time there..

I have lots to share with you, and will start off with some photos of my visits with my mother, as promised.

The main reason for the trip was to visit my mother who is 91 and has been in a Care Home since she had a stroke almost eight years ago.  I touched on my initial visit with my mother in a previous post, (yes, she did remember me!), but hadn’t been able to upload any photos at the time, so as promised, here are some.

Mum & me - first visit

Hub, Mum, me & my brother


Deep in conversation

Sadly, mum has lost her speech since the stroke, she can only say a few small words, but she listens and understands most of what is going on around her. She was so happy to see me and the hub and I think she thoroughly enjoyed our visits. When I had to tell her I was returning home to Australia, she looked me right in the eye and said “No! You stay here”. . . then she smiled at me.

It was hard leaving that last day; she waved goodbye to us till we disappeared from her sight and I felt a terrible wrench in my heart  – I wanted to run back and give her another hug, but that would probably have upset both of us even more. I wish we didn’t have thousands of miles between us as it makes it a long time between visits. All I can do is write to her as often as I can and tell her how much I love her.
I hope my brothers will read out my blog to her about my trip, because I know she will be interested in where I’ve been, what I’ve done and whom I have seen on my visits – especially the time I spent in Peebles, Scotland, as that is where she was raised and where my brothers and I were all born and raised.

I have lots to share with you mum, and some special photos to show you.
I love you.



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52 thoughts on “Back from my UK Trip

  1. Janet Herring-Sherman

    What a lovely photo of you and your Mum. Is she an animal lover, too?
    Your photos of the old castles and ruins leave me wondering what kind of animals might have been there way back in the day. Glad you’re home safely.


    • Hi Janet! Yes, my mother is an animal lover too, in fact, all my brothers and sisters are, so we must have got it from mum! We are all very much involved with animals.
      I guess there would have been a lot of wildlife around in the days when those castles were lived in – lots of deer around there I would imagine.


  2. Androgoth

    This is a lovely posting with some wonderful personal touches to it, I’m sure that your mum will love what you have said in your blog my friend and thank you for sharing your time in the United Kingdom…

    Have a delightful weekend now my friend



    • Hopefully one of my brothers will show my mother my blog as I know she would love to see what I do – and see what I said about her!
      There is more to come on my trip, so I hope you will call back again when in the neighbourhood. Thanks for your visit, my new friend.


  3. What beautiful photos. I got a little tear in my eye when you talked of wanting to go back and hug your mother one more time. When we go through security points at the airport after visits back to see my family, that thought is always the one that makes the tears overflow in my blue eyes.

    I am so happy for you that you were able to travel and enjoy time catching up with your family. Those are memories that you can keep forever. What a joy for you all!


    • Hi Tara, how nice to see you again.
      I know what you mean about that moment at the airport when we go through the security points and leave our loved ones behind – the point of no return; it was like that for me when I left mum on our last visit. I felt like my heart was breaking. However, we have lots of memories to treasure now, from the visit, and they will have to suffice until we can get over there again for another visit.


  4. Oh Barb, you couldn’t have given your mother a lovelier gift than that of your visit. I was so moved by this post, and so moved by the joy I can see in your mother’s face having you by her side. It sounds like she gave you so much with your wonderful childhood; it’s so kind of you to never forget and honor her with your love.

    I’m sorry to hear hubby suffered during the trip, but glad you were able to manage your visits anyway. I hope you’re both feeling much better now. Looking forward to more posts and pics. :)


    • Thank you for your beautiful comment RD – I think mum and I gave each other the best gift ever just by seeing each other again after all these years. It meant so much to the both of us.
      In spite of hubby getting so sick during our trip, we still had a wonderful time catching up with family and friends – and built some bridges too!
      More to come on the trip. . . .


  5. Beautiful pictures of you and your Mum. so happy that you and husband were able to make the trip to visit. Too bad about being ill along the way and returning home. Hope you both heal up soon.


  6. Hello Barb, those photo’s are so beautiful. Family reunions like that bless us beyond what we can imagine. Before my 94 year old grandma passed on, she was in a care center too, she let me lay in bed with her and hold her and pray with her. My other family don’t do things like that…My family don’t believe in hugs and kisses, but I do! So, with that said, I told her that it is God’s will that she “let go” and the next day she passed on. I was there for all of it and it was not such a bad experience, as it’s the second time I have had to do this type of thing with family. I feel bad for those that cannot talk for themselves much, and your mum. I remember it was so hard for me to understand my baby when she was little. It is life going full circle and what we do in between the born and death dates that count. I pray that your family is strong and that your healing comes quick as it is God’s will to restore you. Emotions play on us during these times. I hear ya!! Know that we all care and that I will continue to pray. Bless you!! xoxo Jackie


    • Thanks for your kind words Jackie – they mean a lot.
      My family have never been into hugs and kisses either, but now that we are all older, we have learned along the way, and now I show my love to my family in my actions. My brothers still hold back a little, but they love it when I give them hugs, and my mother, God bless her (who has always had a barrier as far as affection is concerned for as long as I remember), now looks to me to give her a cuddle – and she loves me to tell her I love her. The cycle is complete and I feel happy about that. We all need to know that we are loved, no matter what age we are.


  7. Barb thanks for sharing those beautiful photos with us. You had a very special reunion. I can totally understand and connect to that aching feeling in your chest when you have to bid farewell to your loved ones. I feel it everytime I reunite with my family. You think it would get easier with each time you do it but in fact, it becomes harder and more painful.


    • Thanks Rayya. It’s always hard saying goodbye to our loved ones, and you are right – it doesn’t get any easier no matter how many times we have to do it. I feel for you being away from your family too. Things were simpler when we didn’t travel to far away lands – but that’s life!


    • Thanks Denise. I count myself lucky to still have my mother (she is now 91), and I treasured the time spent with her when we visited the UK last month. Lots of wonderful memories both for her and for me.


  8. nuggetsandpearls

    What a wonderful blog post – the photos said it all, so full of emotion and happiness – you’ve got some real memories to treasure there Barb, your mum looks lovely.
    I look forward to you next installment, glad you’re back home and hope you are both on the mend now that you’ve had some rest.


  9. Welcome home Barb. We are looking forward to seeing you both once you are recovered.

    Your description of your final parting with your Mum reminded me of the last time I was in England and left my brother, knowing I wouldn’t see him again. He was slumped against the archway over his front door and looked so despondent. I have many good memories from holidays with him, but that one picture in my mind is the one I remember most.

    I am so pleased you spent good quality time with your Mum (and others) and no doubt you gave her much joy and many pleasant memories.


    • Thanks Angela – as good as it is to go on holiday, it’s always great to get back home!
      Mum got used to our visits, and after the first few, every time we went, she would be peering down the hallway, waiting for us to appear! Then she would smile from ear to ear when she saw us! Heart-wrenching to say the least.
      Our last visit was filled with sadness as you can imagine, but I’ve spoken to my brother since, and he said she was fine once I’d gone.
      We will be planning a visit up to your place as soon as we get rid of these hacking coughs.


  10. Welcome back and I am sorry to read that your hubby and you got sick… I hop you are both doing better. The pictures f your mom are precious and our sharing is a reminder to all of us to connect/re-connect with loved ones.
    I’ve been thinking of you of late and wondered if you had written anything… I’ve been swamped and fell behind on comments… So I’m slowly catching up on blog posts and comments.
    Welcome back home! I look forward to seeing/reading more abut your visit. :-)


    • Thanks Eliz – as nice as it is to go away, its even nicer to be back home!
      The hub and I are getting better now that we are back in the warm sunshine, but in spite of it, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and built a few bridges whilst there if you know what I mean!
      I didn’t write any posts when I was away, so you didn’t miss anything from me – I know what it’s like falling behind with comments – trying to catch up myself now I’m back!
      More to come soon on my visit to the UK.


  11. thirdhandart

    You and your mum share the same chin. You both look so happy to see each other! So glad you had a nice time in the UK – in spite of all the sickness.
    I’ll bet your little dog is glad to have you back home in Australia.
    Looking forward to reading more about your trip! -Theresa


    • Thanks Theresa and I agree mum and I have the same chin – as do my brothers!
      I had no need to worry about leaving my dog with my friend for a month – apparently after the first night, she made herself quite at home!
      More to come on the trip.


  12. Welcome back Barb! These photos of you and your mom are very touching. I’m glad that you two had a chance to spend some time together. Also, I hope that you and your hubby are feeling better. I am looking forward to seeing more of your photos of your trip. Have a wonderful week. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine! :)


    • Thanks Donna – I’m glad to be back!
      The hub and I are feeling much better since we got back home – must be the sunshine!
      Lots more photos to come of our trip and family reunions!


  13. cathy

    Hi Barb

    Your note brought tears to my eyes, leaving your mom and her waving until she could not see you anymore adn her being able to tell you no to stay..

    Must be so difficult to come home and be so far from all your family. Your mother looks so young for her age.

    Take good care and hope you and your husband feel better soon.


    • Thanks Cathy. It was wonderful to be with mum for a few short weeks, to be able to touch her and hug her again. She doe look good for 91 doesn’t she?
      Paul and I are getting better – must be the warm weather in Oz!


  14. Welcome back!
    The photos of you and your mom are bittersweet. But more sweet than bitter —
    Now you and hub are on the mend, the Australian sunshine should complete the process. It’s good to “hear” your voice again!


  15. I love that first photo of you and your mom ~ you’re both so cute! Glad you had FUN!

    I’ve been reading My Stroke of Insight by Jill Taylor, Ph.D., a brain scientist who suffered a massive stroke at age 37. She shares lots of insights in the book. My last few posts address some of them. I expect you would enjoy the book and it might give you some insights of your own.


    • Thanks Nancy, glad you liked the photo!

      I read your post about Jill Taylor’s book, and found it fascinating the way you put it into your own words. I will definitely be buying a copy as it will probably help me understand more about mum’s condition following her stroke. Thanks so much Nancy – your post came at the right time for me!


  16. Mumsy

    Sure sorry to hear that you both have been and are sick. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Happy for you that you got to visit with with your sweet mom. Great pictures. Hope you both are all well very soon. Hugs


    • Hi Brenda, yes, I’ve been overseas for the last month, only got back home a few days ago.
      It’s been a roller coaster ride for us with the hub getting sick almost as soon as we arrived in England, and his on-going visits to doctors in whatever town we happened to be in! In spite of that, we did have a fantastic time, and I have lots to tell!


  17. Having lived abroad, I know just what you are talking about. But lots of children don’t visit their mothers even when they are on the doorstep, so I’m sure she appreciated how far you came.

    Can your brothers print out your posts so your Mum can read them herself?

    Feel better soon.


    • Oh Tilly, she really did appreciate my visit, her little face lit up every time we visited her. She can’t talk much now, but we were able to make her laugh and got a few words out of her – like when she told me to stay! It makes me smile now, thinking about it!
      I’ve asked my brothers to print off my posts and take them to the Home to read them to her – she will love that.


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