My One Year Blogiversary


My Blog is One Year Old!



I have been blogging for a whole year now and want to share my 1st Year Blogiversary with you !

It has gone so fast, but it feels like only yesterday that I hopped onto this roller coaster journey into the world of blogging . . . that has become such a big part of my life.

My thanks go to Classy Rose (I know some of you will remember her), for getting me started on my blogging journey back in January 2011. She not only encouraged me to start blogging, but persuaded me to join the Postaday 2011 or Postaweek 2011 Challenge. I opted for the latter – mainly because I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with posting daily – and for those of you who did, you have my utter admiration for your stamina in keeping it up!

So, my first year is under my belt and I’m still here, churning out posts, continually connecting with new and exciting blogs, and taking on more Challenges as time permits. I have discovered that I have a voice and that I have something worthwhile to say – and I like it! The more I write, the more I discover the real me!


For me, the best part about blogging has been making so many friends here – friends whom I feel I have come to know quite well, because we all reveal little bits of ourselves in our posts!

We have a great blogging community here, and I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my posts, for all your comments, and for all your selfless support over the past year –

                        I couldn’t have done it without you – you rock! 



Animals Sing 12 Days of Christmas


This is what might happen if all our animals got together!

Watch these animals sing Twelve Days of Christmas – it’s hilarious!







Merry Christmas!


Before we all get too busy with the demands of the season, Poppy wants to

thank all of her mom’s readers for their wonderful comments and friendship

 over the past year,and to wish you all 


a very Happy and Safe Christmas!

From Poppy & her Little Elf

Poppy apologizes for not smiling; she wasn’t too happy when mom put the Santa hat on her and pinched

her little elf  to cuddle up to her!

Her little elf is hiding his face under the pompom because he’s a bit shy!

Yet Another Award


I am thrilled to have received another award – the Versatile Blogger Award!


This time it came from Sandra Bell Kirchman of FansasyFic.  Thank you Sandra!

Sandra has won many awards for her writing, and is a published author. She especially loves to write fantasy fiction, and writes in a way that is entertaining and fun. She certainly has a vivid imagination!

You can read some of her short fantasy fiction in the forum at her website FantasyFic. You wont be disappointed!


According to the rules, I have to choose five deserving recipients for the award and publish seven unknown facts about myself.

Here are the new Versatile Blogger winners I have chosen:
1.  Piglet in Portugal 

2. Redneck Princess

3. Words With Purpose

4. Smile Kidd0

5. Touch to Touch

If you haven’t visited any of these blogs before, check them out and be pleasantly surprised!

Now for seven things you don’t know about me!

1. Besides being passionate about animals, I am an enthusiastic photographer and I love pottering in my garden.

2. I was born in Scotland, and moved to England at the age of 10 when my mother re-married.

3. My mother married a soldier in the Army, so we moved around a lot. I was schooled in Germany for 2 years and also Singapore for a further 2 years. I hated changing schools, but loved living in different countries with such different cultures; it was an education in itself! I completed my education in England.

4. I emigrated to Australia at the age of 19 with my boyfriend (who later became my husband). I got homesick for my family and the UK, so after three years, we left Australia to return to the UK – a decision I came to regret.  Life happened ;)  but I finally re-emigrated to Australia (yes, with the same man!), some twenty-odd years later!

5. Tell me a secret and I’ll take it to the grave.

6. If I was a lot younger, my wish would be to live on a large property where I could provide a sanctuary for unwanted domestic animals and also injured wildlife. Here in Australia we have a very high incidence of kangaroos, koalas, possums etc., being injured on our roads every single day. I would like to provide the medical attention they required and nurse them back to health, to be released back into the wild when and if they were ready. If they couldn’t be released for whatever reason, then they would always have a home with me – a Sanctuary.

7.  I would like to write a book one day about my life. Whether it happens is another story!

Pet Safety at ChristmasTime


My post yesterday was about not buying a pet as a gift at this particular time of year – and the reasons why.  

However, what about those of us who already have pets in our homes?

There are a few things we need to watch out for at this time of year, to keep our four legged member of the family out of harm’s way.

I know, I know, I can hear you say “Here she goes again” – but I wouldn’t be a caring pet owner if I didn’t take the time to bring these things to your attention, would I?  Besides, we all need reminders from time to time!

Here are some of the dangers to be aware of with an accompanying solution for each one:-

1.       Wrapping Paper, Ribbons, Bows, Empty Boxes

Christmas as a great time for kids; as they unwrap their presents one by one, all the wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, empty boxes, etc., get strewn all over the floor.  Cats and dogs are inquisitive by nature – and there is the danger – because they could start to chew at some of that stuff. Puppies and kittens are particularly are at risk because they are extra curious and inquisitive, especially if this is their first Christmas.  Your pet could very easily choke, and may even require emergency medical attention from a vet, and besides being traumatic for your pet, it could be very costly for you – vets don’t come cheap.

Solution: Take the precaution of keeping your pets out of the way (perhaps in another room whilst all the unwrapping is being done).  He can come out and join in all the family fun once all the paper and bits and pieces have been removed.

2.       Christmas Tree

You may have a large dog or one who is a bit boisterous, so there is the danger of him knocking over the tree in his excitement, and this could have serious consequences, especially if there are electric lights on the tree.  If your cat decided to run up the tree, his weight could pull it down, breaking some of the glass baubles in the process.

:  Placing the tree in the corner of a room and securing it so it cannot be knocked over is a good idea.

3.       Christmas Tree Lights and Baubles

The fairy lights and fancy glass baubles we hang on the tree look very pretty, but if broken, it would be disastrous if your pet started chewing on them.  He could cut his mouth or worse still, if a broken piece was swallowed, it could mean another trip to the vet.

:  Place something in front of the decorated tree so your pet can’t get near it.
4.       Electric Cords

Electric cords pose a particular danger to pets, especially if they are chewed.

Keep them out of the way or cover them with a rug so no-one trips over them.

5.       Chocolate

Chocolate contains theobromine, which is toxic to animals, even just a small piece. You are not doing your pet any favours by giving them what you consider to be a “treat”.  Dogs love chocolate, but it could make him very sick.  Other sweets may not be toxic, but still shouldn’t be given to him.

Solution: Keep chocolate out of reach of your pets and keep them on their regular diet to avoid any digestive upsets.

If you are aware of these possible dangers facing your pet at Christmastime, and you take the necessary precautions to avoid them by following the solutions given, then everyone in the family (including your pet), will have a safe and happy Christmas!

Thinking of Getting a Pet for Christmas?


Are you thinking of getting or giving a pet as a Christmas gift this year?

A sweet little puppy, a cute kitten or a fluffy rabbit can melt our heart in an instant, and it’s hard to resist that little bundle of fun!
But – have you thought it through? Our emotions tend to get the better of us where baby animals are concerned.
Put your emotions to one side and think logically, because in some cases, this may not be the best time to bring a new pet into your home.

So keeping in mind that the welfare of the animal is the most important thing,  here are five reasons NOT to buy a pet at this time of the year

1.       A New Pet Will Feel Insecure in a Noisy/Busy Environment

Christmas is a very busy time for most families whether they have children or not.  Everyone is busy and the house is noisy with all the excitement.  You know what kids are like – their ear-piercing squeals of delight as they unwrap presents, running around with new toys, (and accidentally running into the new pet with a new bike because it got in the way), well-wishers ringing the door bell, visitors coming and going – well – you get the picture!   A new pet needs to be in a calm environment until he gets used to his new home and his new family, otherwise he is going to feel very insecure, confused and even frightened.  A puppy or kitten will be terrified by the excessive noise of the household.

2.       Constant Visitors Confuse Your New Pet
Your new pet will be confused when visitors come and go, as he will be unsure about who lives in the house and just who his “pack” is, who he belongs to.  A puppy or kitten needs to be secure in his environment before introducing him to guests.  Because of his insecurity, this could lead to him urinating in the house – then we are not happy.  More mess to clean up – as if there isn’t enough already!

3.       What Do You Do With Your New Pet If You Go Away?

Christmas is a time for visiting family and friends, and this poses a problem about what to do with your new pet.  Leaving him in an unfamiliar house on his own (even just for a few hours), seems unkind, and possibly dangerous for the pet, as he hasn’t had time to get to know his surroundings yet.
If you are going away for a few days you could put him in a boarding kennel – but that doesn’t make any sense, because you just got him . . . can you imagine how confused and sad he would be?

4.       Training your New Pet Delayed Because You Are Too Busy

Training a new puppy or kitten needs to begin from the first day he goes home with you. However, because you are so busy at this time of the year, the training is going to have to take a back seat.  Leaving his training till things are calmer in the household is not good for him – he needs guidelines right from the start, and the longer you leave it, the harder it will be for both you and your pet.

5.       Am I Prepared to Care For My Pet Long Term?

Puppies and kittens are cute and cuddly – but they grow up. Will he still be loved and given the proper care then? The last thing anyone wants is for a pet to be sent to an animal shelter – all because we haven’t thought it through.  Having a pet can bring us great joy, but it is a 10-15 year commitment for the life of the pet, and we need to go into it with our eyes open.  Sadly, there are too many unwanted pets surrendered to animal shelters after Christmas; please don’t be a statistic.

So, there is a lot to consider about giving a pet as a Christmas gift.

We need to think about the animal’s welfare and what is best for him – not about our own emotional needs. 

A better time to think about getting a new pet would be after all the excitement of Christmas has died down, and family life is back to normal.  You will have more time to spend with your pet and concentrate on training him; this in turn, will enable your pet to start bonding with you, which is crucial, and you will have a happy and obedient pet!

Animals are living creatures with feelings just like you and me.

Buying one at Christmas time needs to be thought through with great care, so please think before your make your final decision.

It is a serious and long term commitment for which you and your whole family need to be ready and prepared for.


One of my blogging buddies, Sandra, over at Fantasyfic has come up with a brilliant suggestion, and she has given me permission to share it here with you.

This is what Sandra suggested . . .

“Here is another suggestion for those parents who really want to brighten their child’s life with a pet on Christmas.

Depending on the child’s age, they could get them a book on how to be a responsible pet parent, along with a card offering a pet of the child’s choice (i.e. picking the pet out) two weeks after Christmas (or whenever it is good for the parents).
That’ll kill two birds with one stone…teach the child about good pet parenting and avoid the dangers that you mention in your post.
It might also recommend an animal shelter rescue pet, so that the family gets to be good Samaritans to boot”.


I wish I’d thought of that!
However, it just goes to show the value of having such great blogging buddies who help each other out. 

Thank you so much Sandra for that excellent suggestion!

Liebster Blog Award


I was surprised and honoured to receive the Liebster Blog Award from two  of my

blogging buddies – Donna  at Words with Purpose and Raising Daisy

Thank you so much for this Award ladies, you made my day! 

Donna writes about many interesting things – she believes (as many of us do here), that words can move people, and therefore she writes about issues that concern all of us. Her writing will make you think deeper about stuff that really matters. She is also an animal advocate and environmentalist, striving to make our planet a better place for all of us.

Raising Daisy is a wonderfully funny and entertaining blog about raising a Havachon puppy called Daisy. Daisy gets into all kinds of mischief and craziness, and it’s hard to resist that cute little face! Some of her photos are hilarious showing what she gets up to.

Here are the “rules” for accepting The Liebster Blog Award :

1.  Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.

2.  Link back to the blogger who awarded you.

3.  Copy & paste the blog award on your blog.

4.  Pick five other blogs worthy of The Liebster Blog Award.

5.  Let the Top Five know you chose them by leaving a comment on their blog.

It was very difficult to pick five blogs because I love all the blogs I follow, for different reasons. Anyway, here goes:-

1.  Rayya The Vet  Rayya is a dedicated vet who loves her job and has many interesting stories to tell about her patients – both four legged and feathered – you name it, she has treated it! Her blog is an education in regards to caring for animals both wild and domestic.

2.  Shell at Seashells by the Seashore loves the beach and her goal is to live there one day. She writes about setting goals and working towards them, staying motivated and overcoming the difficulties encountered in reaching our goals.

3.  Janet  at Animals Our Everything writes about animals and how they can affect each and every one of us. Her love and understanding of animals oozes out of her blog, showing us how much we can all learn from watching them.

4.  Rebekah at Colder Weather is passionate about photography and never goes anywhere without her camera, capturing some awesome photographs of beautiful ducks, her cat and scenery around the area where she lives. Being a Swede now living in Canada, she talks about travel and living abroad.

 5.  Joss at Crowning Crone’s blog is always inspiring and uplifting. A gentle soul, Joss loves our planet and all that is on it, and is at one with nature in a very spiritual way. I always feel a calmness come over me when I read one of her posts, as she writes in a way that gets under your skin and you begin to  what she is talking about.

I hope that others who read this post will take a moment to discover the above blogs – that is of course, if you haven’t done so already!

Thank You!

 Poppy and I want to thank Donna and Raising Daisy once again, for the Award.