Awesome Blog Content Award


I have received the Awesome Blog Content Award!

Thank you so much to Fluffy Tufts Gang for honoring us with this AWESOME

Award, and I am tickled pink to accept!

Rachel, from Fluffy Tufts is the proud owner of three delightful dogs (The Lads), and a tortie cat.

Follow their adventures for a good chuckle!

Rachel has also started a new venture – hand-crafted crochet items for humans and their dogs. Check it out here!

The rules for this award are

1.  Share something about you, alphabetically – just a few words about you starting with each letter of the alphabet.

2.  Nominate other worthy bloggers for this Award, no limit on how many you pass it on to.

Ok, are you ready?

A – Animals are my passion 

B – British by birth

C – Camera freak!

D – Down to earth

E – Eager to learn new things

F – Friendly

G – Garden. I love growing things

H – Haggis. I love Haggis – after all, I am a Scot by birth!

I – Independent

J – Just and fair in all things

K – Kilt. I wore one as a child

L – Loving

M – Mother

N – Nervous at times

O – Owner of Poppy, my 12 year old Shih-Tzu

P – Patient

Q – Quiet

R – Reader (I love books)

S – Singapore – I lived there from the age of 13-15

T – Thankful for what I have

U – Understanding

V – Vodka, my tipple

W – Worry-wort

X – Xciting. Sorry for the spelling, but can you think of an appropriate word beginning with X?

Y – Yell. Yes, sometimes I have been known to yell!

Z – Zoo. I live near Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo

Phew, that was a bit of a task; hope I didn’t bore you too much!

As regards nominations, there are so many fantastic blogs out there, it’s impossible to choose just a few, so I would like to throw it out there for anyone who wants to accept this award. No pressure.

Thank you again to Rachel at Fluffy Tufts for this Awesome Award!